Don’t Skip Happy Hour at PaperFish Sushi Bar

After a long year of eating at home, your sushi consumption has probably dropped to dangerously low levels. Luckily, PaperFish Sushi Bar is now open for all your maki roll and sashimi desires.

Choose from expertly prepared omakase service, crispy-fried tokusen (tofu pouches), a la carte sashimi and nigiri, plus signature rolls unlike any you’ll find in town. The tropical yasai maki roll has mango, cucumber, and passion fruit sauce, and tastes like summertime in a bite. Plus, the atmosphere at PaperFish Sushi Bar is beautiful and such a refreshing change from dining at home, and gives you a reason to put on real pants for a change (albeit ones with an elastic waist for maximum sushi consumption).

PaperFish Sushi Bar is located on South Miami Avenue, and opens daily at 5 p.m. Be sure to take note of the event schedule for sushi and cocktail weekends featuring specials and live music, plus the daily happy hour for craft cocktails and more.